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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I love the Stock Butler because most importantly it saves me TIME. It also helps me double check if I am doing things right if I want to do it on my own.

It's a really great tool to have.


FTI Grad

“StockButler.com is an amazing site, and well worth the cost because it saves so much time. I'm a professional software engineer, and I'd rather pay the subscription fee than have to do the programming myself. [...]


Stock Trader

“[...] I am very impressed with Courtney's approach to trading--it is such a well thought-out system with limited risk--and The Stock Butler makes it very quick and easy to implement. [...]


SFFS  Grad

“Jeff, Jodi and I completed our first Vegas course with Courtney and learned how to search and calculate the positions in the best stocks and Hot Hands monthly goodies. But, without your help and website to actually do the work, I would be struggling with completing my trading in 15 minutes per day as Courtney suggests. More like a week! Thank Heaven for your website and the personalized services you render to all of us!

Mark & Jodi

FTI Grad

“Love the updates & new features. I have been with you guys since April 2012 & seen the changes. Thank you for your services, dedication making Stock Butler better & better & your consideration to this matter.


FTI Grad

“Courtney gave us the push and the tools to trade shares. Stock Butler provides the mechanisms to enable smooth trading, whether at home or travelling. Sometimes, I am unable to get to my charts, but everything is on hand just by logging into Stock Butler and going straight to "Needing your attention' Tab. No need to keep separate ledgers, all taken care of with Stock Butler along with all changes made to stock position from buy to sold. [...]


FTI Grad

“Stock Butler has been indispensable in my journey getting into trading using Courtney's trading techniques. It has been amazing as both a learning tool - allowing me to double check my thinking - as well as saving me countless hours trimming my daily trading time down. Life would not be the same without it.

Brett L.

FTI Grad 2014

“THANKS Jean-François for the excellent work you do. I love Stock Butler!

Stock Butler opened up new possibilities by allowing me to spend the time to learn and gain confidence while quickly starting to invest. I feel really supported while doing my transactions.


Thank you very much and long life to Stock Butler!

Carolann D.

FTI Grad 2013

“I want to thank you for providing such a valuable service to me. The Stock Butler has saved me countless hours since I joined. The technical analysis removes any second guessing and is always consistent in providing the exact call to action. This service has resolved the one main issue in my life and that is the lack of time to do everything that I need and want to do. Without this service, I would not have had the time to trade and so for that I am so grateful. The service you provide when I need assistance is rapid and precise. It is second to none! [...]


FTI Grad 2012

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You get the peace of mind of managing flawlessly
your trades with :

  • Detail 7 Steps Fundamental Analysis

  • All Done For You Best of the Best, Hot Hands & PitBulls stock selection.
    More than 350 stocks analysis weekly (Save over $35.90 / month)

  • Advance Stocks Lists (No need for another subscription) if you are looking for more opportunities

  • Get Technical Analysis Signal in Seconds - Channel Breakout (55 and 20 day low), Trend Analysis, Boing Boing, Bandwidth and the latest Profitnator

  • Get Complete Trades Analysis in One-Click (New low, Invalid order, pyramid and more...)

  • Manage Multiple Accounts for the familly witht single login (IRA, 401k, ...)

  • Keep Track of your Execution with Personal Notes on Your Trades (Journal)

All of this bring you peace of mind, confidence, more time and in the end more freedom!!!

Special Not Available Anymore


You get the electronic version of "How to Transform Your Life Through Trading" eBook from Courtney Smith send personnaly by the creator of The Stock Butler


You will get Free Unlimited VIP email support by the creator of The Stock Butler, Jeff.

Do I need another subscription?

No, with The Stock Butler, you get everything you need in one site!

Do I need to pay for datafeed?

No, we got all this covered for you. Everyday we query the market and process all the techical analysis for you.

Can I have a refund?

Yes, you can have a full refund in the next 30 days of the payment.

How fast are you anwsering our question?

We are pretty fast and working 7 days a week. For sure we need time to sleep but we are always there for you.

Can I have more then one account?

Yes, we offer at least two accounts per subscription so you can trade your cash and margin account. If you need more, contact us and we will arrange somethinig. :-)

How often are you updating system?

The system update his stock every weekday around 17h45 E.T. when the market is close. The Best of the Best list and other advanced stock pick are processed on Saturday morning.

Is it linked with my broker?

For security and accuracy reason, The Stock Butler does not provide a direct link with any broker. You will used the information provided in the list "Orders waiting to be place" in your Portfolio to manually place your orders with your broker.

Does it detect pyramid signals?

Yes. The Stock Butler can detect when pyramiding occurs and will provide a notification via your Portfolio interface. 

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